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The present general conditions fix the terms of use of the website, and the 3D publications signed by “ile-avalon”.

The user acknowledges to have read this document and accepted the whole of this information, whether this use is made on a personal or professional basis. If this use is made on a professional basis, the user guarantees to have the necessary powers to accept these general conditions within his organization.

Editor and person in charge of publication is an artistic portfolio edited by GURCEL Rodolphe, alias “ile-avalon”, 3D artist subjected to the status of auto-entrepreneur in his own name.

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Policy regarding “ile-avalon” productions

This site has the sole purpose of presenting the 3D creations of its author GURCEL Rodolphe, aka “ile-avalon”, and to put you in touch with various distribution platforms such as DAZ 3D or Renderosity. No product signed “ile-avalon” can be acquired other than through one of these platforms, any acquisition of a product by another means may be prosecuted.

The rights of use of products signed “ile-avalon” are defined by the different platforms of diffusion on which they are exposed. Thank you to take note of these conditions of use on the corresponding sites: