XGen Project: Corridor Complex

XGen Project, corridor complex, is a sci-fi XenoGen Corridor set with two corridor parts, one separation secure door and several additional props.
All the necessary for create your sci-fi scene!

For ease of use, the set is split into 3 parts and additional props:

1 Full Corridor with preloaded hatch prop
1 Full Corridor with preloaded power cables prop
1 Separation with operable secure door
1 Computer prop
1 Empty Cart prop
1 Cart prop with 5 Gas canister preloaded
1 Gas Canister prop
1 Hatch prop
1 Power Cable prop

Each corridor include 2 rooms with operable doors and the separation is preloaded for to be used with a corridor section.
You can add more corridor or separation in your scene, on each you have two controls for help you to place the different elements.

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