Sensual Skin Merchant Resources for Dawn

You are a merchant or you want creating your own characters for Dawn.
Here a complete set for you, with high quality images based on real photos.
Sensual Skin Merchant Resources is a complete texture resource package for Dawn.
All you need to create your own Dawn character!

Texture Maps for Dawn:

  • 1 Face Texture Map with Brows
  • 1 Face Texture Map without Brows
  • 1 Torso Texture Map with Percing
  • 1 Torso Texture Map without Percing
  • 1 Arms Texture Map
  • 1 Legs Texture Map
  • 1 Mouth Texture Map
  • 1 Lashes Transparent Map
  • 4 Eyes Texture Maps
  • 1 Sclera Texture Map, for create your own Eyes Maps

Bump, Transparent, Displacement and Specular Maps included.

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