Esprit d’Autrefois, renewed for DAZ Studio

Esprit d’Autrefois is back in a new version for DAZ Studio.

When RuntimeDNA closed my shop on their site, one of my best products was withdrawn.
It took me a long time before taking the decision to adapt the product to DAZ Studio and propose it again.

  • Mesh revisited.
  • New textures.
  • IRay shaders.
  • Fully compatible with DAZ Studio.

What’s Included?

IRay full preloaded scene

  • IRay preloaded building with ground and street lamps
  • IRay preloaded restaurant props
  • IRay preloaded terrasse props
  • IRay preloaded candy store props
  • IRay preloaded perfume store props
  • IRay tramway wagon
  • IRay tramway electric pole
  • IRay tramway “Mékarski” air engine
  • IRay zeroed building prop
  • IRay zeroed ground prop
  • IRay zeroed street lamp
  • IRay zeroed street lamp with clock

3DeLight full preloaded scene

  • 3DeLight preloaded building with ground and street lamps
  • 3DeLight preloaded restaurant props
  • 3DeLight preloaded terrasse props
  • 3DeLight preloaded candy store props
  • 3DeLight preloaded perfume store props
  • 3DeLight tramway wagon
  • 3DeLight tramway electric pole
  • 3DeLight tramway “Mékarski” air engine
  • 3DeLight zeroed building prop
  • 3DeLight zeroed ground prop
  • 3DeLight zeroed street lamp
  • 3DeLight zeroed street lamp with clock

4 Poses Helper For The Tramway Wagon Textures Include:

  • 188 Texture, Bump, Transparency, Reflection and Normal Maps (256 x 256 to 4096 x 4096)

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