eDarlyn for Victoria 4.2

eDarlyn is a android morph and textures pack for Victoria 4.2 with goggles, helmet and cryo unit props.


1 INJ/REM eDarlyn Morphs

Morphs included on V4’s BODY:

1 eDarlyn Body Shape
2 eDarlyn Full Faces
1 eDarlyn Breasts Shape
1 eDarlyn Nipples Shape
1 eDarlyn Face Shape
1 eDarlyn Nose Shape
1 eDarlyn Lips Shape
1 eDarlyn No Ear Morph


1 Disconnected pose for V4


1 Full body MAT: Android Skin
1 Full body MAT: Android Skin with Human Face
1 Full body MAT: Human Skin
1 Disconnected Eyes MAT
3 Eyes MATs with Ambiant colors
5 Lips MATs
5 Finger Nails MATs
2 Toe Nails MATs
4 MAT options for show/hide Tubes
1 Hide Eyelash MAT
1 Show Eyelash MAT
3 Eyelash MATs with Ambiant colors


2 Goggles props for eDarlyn (Right and Left)
1 Helmet prop for eDarlyn (No Ear Morph required)
1 Independant Cryo Unit with openable door
2 Independant Goggles props (Right and Left)
1 Independant Helmet prop

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