Android Kit

Android Kit is a collection of items that can be used together or individually for any science fiction scene with the design of an android.


1 Robotic Head with openable face
1 Medical Steel Cart with articulated wheels
1 Medical Computer with articulated wheels
1 Oscilloscope with articulated wheels
3 Oscilloscope wires, fully articulated, many morphs
1 Robotic Eye with articulated wires
1 Openable small components box


1 Robotic Head without face
2 Robotic Face
1 Robotic Head base
1 Robotic Skullcap with base and Robotic Eye
1 Robotic Skullcap without base and Robotic Eye
1 Robotic Skullcap base
1 Robotic Arm
1 Robotic Arm base
1 Robotic Body corpse
1 Robotic Body part: Chest Hatch
1 Robotic Body part: Left Leg
1 Robotic Body part: Right Leg Hatch
1 Robotic Body part: Right Shoulder Hatch
5 Electronic Components
1 Small Table
1 Computer Keyboard
1 Computer Screen
1 Computer Mouse
1 Syringe

POSES for the oscilloscope articulated wires

1 No Morph pose
3 wires “On the Floor” poses
3 wires “On the Top” poses

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